Monday, 5 December 2011


Ok so for ages I've been meaning to create a blog and I thought why not start it off with a short introduction about me. So I'm Reema, based in London. I'm currently studying cognitive science, love all make-up (not including foundation)!! I love macaroons, well to be honest I love all sweet stuff!! Reading books, music, movies etc typical stuff.  

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So a few months back, when I saw 'The Muppets' trailer, while watching 'Horrible Bosses', I just had to look up more info and I came across OPIs Muppet collection. And Muppets have been close to my heart since I was in diapers so understandable I had to buy a few of them. The 3 I got were Divine Swine, Fresh Frog of Bel Air and Rainbow Connection. My favourite is Rainbow Connection, its my favourite of all time too. 

Left to Right: Divine Swine, Fresh Frog of Bel Air and Rainbow Connection.

Below is a swatch of Rainbow Connection, I used a clear base coat and about 3/4 layers of the RC. I found that the colour was so bright and shiny. Though I have found that after a while it does go a bit gloppy near the opening so best to clean it with a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover. I'll be adding the other colours in another post soon.


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