Thursday, 8 December 2011


A little late on talking about the special edition wizard of oz shoes from Harrods, but better late than never...

I looked every where for a pair after but come on I don't think I'd ever pay £100 for them!!
So I scored the net for another pair similar to it...

However hot the ones above are, their not in my price range! BUT... to my delight I found a lovely pair from New Look!!! :>> Head Over Heels Glitter Court Shoe - Court Shoes - Womens | New Look

Only word to use!! WOW SEXY!!... Ok so two words, but at last my search for a pair of nice(sexy) red glitter shoes is over, I hope if the fit and feel good! Though as they as say if they don't hurt they just at worth it... Or something along the lines of that.


Colour Block Platform Court Shoes - Court Shoes - Womens | New Look

Ordered these beautiful shoes and they just arrived, but the shameful thing is they kill too much, they defiantly don'y feel like the size they say they are. And I was so looking forward to working them on the dance floor too :( 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I can't express the joy of getting an email saying I've won cupcakes!!!!! :D (I think my mum's getting fed up of my little squeals of joy!!! :D :D :D ♥

Ok so these are the cupcakes, hate the coffee and mint ones, but loved all the others!! And some how I managed to get 2 boxes!!! So was more than happy to share with my not so dear siblings. 


*** Waited all day yesterday for my Monday Graze box to arrive, arrived this morning along with my Tuesday box and oh boy did they look yummy!!!!!! 

***  ***

* Keen Bean: red skin peanuts, black beans, edamame beans, chilli broad beans. 
It was nice not something I'd order often.

* Hot Mango Salsa: chilli jam and dry mango.
The chilli jam had a nice subtle chilli taste, that didn't over power the mango.

* Bakewell Tart: cherry infused sultanas, cranberries, almonds.
Though I'm not a big fan of almonds, Oh this was lovely. Nice and sweet.

* Honeycomb Flapjack: rustic rolled oats and honeycomb flapjack
Oh talk about heaven, it tasted healthy and naughty all in one go!

* Great Fire Dragon: roasted maize, chilli broad beans, jumbo chilli maize. 
This to be honest is not my cup of tea, it has to much of a cornyness to it. It's like when you make microwave popcorn, and the un-popped kernels get cooked.

* Kalamata & Halkidiki Olives: sunflower&Xvirgin olive oil, kalamata & halkidiki olives with chilli, garlic and blackpepper.
These are such gorgeous olives, slightly firm not to hard and not them soggy squashed type. They totally remind me of these chilli olives my mother once got from Costco, with a tiny kick of chilli. Yummmy!! 

* Tomato Dipinetti: tomato chutney, rosemary grissinetti.
Not a big fan of the tomato chutney, but the rosemary grissinetti, are so nice, with the right amount of rosemary, could eat them all!! (Had to save some for mum to taste, as I'm such a nice daughter)

* Sour Mango Tangtastic: blackcurrants, fair trade sour mango, cherry infused sultanas.
This one has to be one of my favourite! I keep wondering whether they would taste just as nice blend into a martini. 

* Oh and not forgetting my lovely little snowman. (Provided by the people at
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*** If you want a free box then go to and enter this code in: R6RFM6YA ***

Monday, 5 December 2011


Ok so for ages I've been meaning to create a blog and I thought why not start it off with a short introduction about me. So I'm Reema, based in London. I'm currently studying cognitive science, love all make-up (not including foundation)!! I love macaroons, well to be honest I love all sweet stuff!! Reading books, music, movies etc typical stuff.  

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So a few months back, when I saw 'The Muppets' trailer, while watching 'Horrible Bosses', I just had to look up more info and I came across OPIs Muppet collection. And Muppets have been close to my heart since I was in diapers so understandable I had to buy a few of them. The 3 I got were Divine Swine, Fresh Frog of Bel Air and Rainbow Connection. My favourite is Rainbow Connection, its my favourite of all time too. 

Left to Right: Divine Swine, Fresh Frog of Bel Air and Rainbow Connection.

Below is a swatch of Rainbow Connection, I used a clear base coat and about 3/4 layers of the RC. I found that the colour was so bright and shiny. Though I have found that after a while it does go a bit gloppy near the opening so best to clean it with a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover. I'll be adding the other colours in another post soon.