Tuesday, 6 December 2011


*** Waited all day yesterday for my Monday Graze box to arrive, arrived this morning along with my Tuesday box and oh boy did they look yummy!!!!!! 

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* Keen Bean: red skin peanuts, black beans, edamame beans, chilli broad beans. 
It was nice not something I'd order often.

* Hot Mango Salsa: chilli jam and dry mango.
The chilli jam had a nice subtle chilli taste, that didn't over power the mango.

* Bakewell Tart: cherry infused sultanas, cranberries, almonds.
Though I'm not a big fan of almonds, Oh this was lovely. Nice and sweet.

* Honeycomb Flapjack: rustic rolled oats and honeycomb flapjack
Oh talk about heaven, it tasted healthy and naughty all in one go!

* Great Fire Dragon: roasted maize, chilli broad beans, jumbo chilli maize. 
This to be honest is not my cup of tea, it has to much of a cornyness to it. It's like when you make microwave popcorn, and the un-popped kernels get cooked.

* Kalamata & Halkidiki Olives: sunflower&Xvirgin olive oil, kalamata & halkidiki olives with chilli, garlic and blackpepper.
These are such gorgeous olives, slightly firm not to hard and not them soggy squashed type. They totally remind me of these chilli olives my mother once got from Costco, with a tiny kick of chilli. Yummmy!! 

* Tomato Dipinetti: tomato chutney, rosemary grissinetti.
Not a big fan of the tomato chutney, but the rosemary grissinetti, are so nice, with the right amount of rosemary, could eat them all!! (Had to save some for mum to taste, as I'm such a nice daughter)

* Sour Mango Tangtastic: blackcurrants, fair trade sour mango, cherry infused sultanas.
This one has to be one of my favourite! I keep wondering whether they would taste just as nice blend into a martini. 

* Oh and not forgetting my lovely little snowman. (Provided by the people at Graze.com)
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