Thursday, 8 December 2011


A little late on talking about the special edition wizard of oz shoes from Harrods, but better late than never...

I looked every where for a pair after but come on I don't think I'd ever pay £100 for them!!
So I scored the net for another pair similar to it...

However hot the ones above are, their not in my price range! BUT... to my delight I found a lovely pair from New Look!!! :>> Head Over Heels Glitter Court Shoe - Court Shoes - Womens | New Look

Only word to use!! WOW SEXY!!... Ok so two words, but at last my search for a pair of nice(sexy) red glitter shoes is over, I hope if the fit and feel good! Though as they as say if they don't hurt they just at worth it... Or something along the lines of that.

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